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Installing a Vertical Radiator in a Kitchen

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    For all the time spent in kitchens, they can often be a part of the home that is incredibly difficult to heat up, mainly thanks to how much people are walking in and out and what machines we have turned on.

    To help get a kitchen nice and warm, we sometimes have to work with the limited space on offer and really get a radiator that has a fantastic BTU output.

    In todays video, Jimmy the Plumber tackles this problem by installing a vertical radiator that wont get in the way, will help heat up the room in no time at all and will be superefficient.

    With a space of only 43cm, this a very narrow space Jimmy has to work with.

    This makes it the ideal space to place a column radiator that is double panelled and roughly 1800mm tall.

    With two heating pipes on the other side of the wall, it is a convenient job to carry out without any major difficulties.

    Due to the size of dimensions of the radiator it has a very high BTU output and is made of aluminium.

    Its a good idea to make sure that inhibitor that you put in any radiator is compatible with the type of material the rad is made from.

    At the 2:20 mark, Jimmy highlights a few things you need to know about this particular radiator, how it can be set up to fit in a space without pipes sticking out, and the special round corner TRV valves which are being used for this installation.

    Jimmy also highlights the special stickers on the radiator that can help anyone know exactly what way water flows in the system.

    This is very important as column radiators have a small diverter inside which helps evenly distribute the hot water around the system.

    At the 6:00 mark you can see the radiator nicely hung up and ready to be piped up before Jimmy drills through the wall.

    Youll see how the pipework underneath the radiator in the kitchen is hardly noticeable.

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